The Law Offices of Jose A. Dapena, P.A., is a Miami based law firm with additional offices in Homestead and Tampa. The firm historically concentrated its practice in  Personal Injury and  first party insurance claims, but has slowly expanded to other areas such as Family, Social Security Claims, Criminal And Inmigration. We are proud to say that our clients return to us for all their legal needs because they trust our values and ethics are never compromised.


Our mission is to conduct our practice as a vocation, not as a business.
To address your specific needs and concerns with the emphasis and attention that each individual respectfully deserves.
To utilize our legal skills and professional acumen in ways that enable our clients to define and achieve their goals without compromising established moral and ethical guidelines.
Our clients are not cases in a filing cabinet that get processed through a legal assembly line, they are entities or individuals who require personalized attention and feedback much like any serious relationship that is based on respect, loyalty and integrity.


The lawyers and the staff at the Law Offices of Jose A. Dapena, P.A., take great pride in the firm’s reputation and experience.  We have the resources to handle complex cases and the flexibility to meet individual client’s needs.


Jose A. Dapena, Esq.